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    Do you feel like something needs to change in order to feel better

    about your life and where it's going?

    You are the spark for that change, and I can help.

    Together we will work with how you think, what you feel, and what you do in your life to identify how each of those things may be impacting you and, most importantly, how to get them in line with what matters to you the most. We'll ask questions of your life experience, beliefs about yourself and others, and deeply connect to what is most meaningful to you.

    There are often things in our lives that are out of our control; ultimately it's how we respond to challenges that transforms us.

    Whether you've been in a tough place for a while or you're more recently up against life's challenges, choosing therapy can be a solid first step toward greater self-awareness, healing, or change.

    You don't have to do it alone.

    Sometimes you just need to work through your stuff with somebody you don't know personally. Sometimes it feels too big to do by yourself. I'll be an objective and attentive sounding board as you face important decisions, life transitions, or a time of psychological growth.

  • Counseling for Teens and Adults

    I offer general counseling as well as some special focus areas.

    I work with these issues:




    Life and Career Transitions

    Loneliness and Social Anxiety

    Trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD

    Relationship Issues

    Sexuality and Gender

    Health, Medical Conditions and Disability

    Using a blend of these approaches:

  • Specialty Areas

    Chronic Stress and Anxiety

    These two think they can run your life, call the shots, and keep you in a perpetual state of exhaustion and high alert. And they can, until you come to understand what they're trying to tell you. We'll combine learning about the biology of stress, anxiety and trauma with coping skills and a deeper dive into your personal experience. Stress feels powerful and overwhelming for a reason. Let's get it working in your favor again.

    Relationships and Sexuality

    For many people relationships and sexuality are vital parts of life that can benefit from focused care and attention. They're also among the top places our past wounds and beliefs show up and affect us in the present. Our work will help you heal and bring yourself more fully to your present and future relationships.


    Examples of work in this area might include:

    • challenges with dating and starting new relationships
    • healing from sexual abuse and other sexual violence 
    • exploring your sexuality or gender as a teen or adult, on your terms
    • identifying and expressing your wants and needs in relationships 
    • boundary setting
    • navigating ethically non-monogamous / polyamorous relationships 
    • adapting to changes in your relationships due to illness or disability

    My practice is sex-positive and affirming of all gender identities, relationship models, and sexual orientations.

  • About Me

    Jennifer Jacyszyn provides therapy for anxiety, stress, relationships, sexuality

    Jennifer Jacyszyn, MA, LMHC

    My training at Bastyr University focused on holistic health psychology and I have a strong interest in issues that bridge physical and mental health. My work is based in exploring the root causes of psychological pain, symptoms or behaviors and healing emotional wounds.


    In large part I view mental health counseling as an exploration of learned behavior and core beliefs, the way power operates in our lives, and how we respond to the environment(s) we're in. This can be on many levels: our job/ career, relationships, families, our bodies, communities, and culture-- including racial, gender, and sexual identity experiences.


    My approach balances compassionate listening and inquiry with observation, curiosity, and creativity. Our work will be strengths-based, collaborative and driven by your needs.


    I pronounce my last name "Jackson" and use she/ her pronouns.



    MA, Counseling Psychology, Bastyr University

    BA, Linguistics, The University of Tennessee



    EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)

    International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD)

    American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT)



    I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State (#LH60797895).

  • Online Therapy

    online counseling in washington video Photo by Allie on Unsplash

    Therapy from home, or wherever you're most comfortable.

    I use HIPAA compliant software that makes online therapy secure and easy to access for people throughout Washington State.
  • Getting Started


    Scheduling an Appointment or Phone Consultation

    If you're ready to get started, please contact me using the form below or by email to set up a 15-min phone consultation. We'll discuss each of our availability for sessions, your insurance coverage if applicable, and what's bringing you to counseling at this time.

    Fees and Insurance

    55 minute session: $140

    I am an in-network provider for First Choice Health Network, Premera, Kaiser PPO, and LifeWise.


    For all other insurance companies I am an out of network provider and payment is due at time of service. You may be able to get partial reimbursement for the cost of mental/ behavioral health counseling. Please check with your insurance company about your coverage. Tips for doing this can be found on my resources page.

    What to Expect at your First Appointment

    Starting therapy for the first time or with a new therapist can be hard. Challenging yourself to show up to your appointment can be a feat in itself, nevermind the part about opening up to someone you don't know. I like to start just sitting with you, hearing you out, and beginning to get a feel for who you are and how counseling can help. You get to see what it's like to work with me and decide if I'm a good fit for you. I look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust, gain your confidence, and support the work you want to do in your life!

  • Contact

    I typically respond within a couple of hours on business days.

    Sun-Wed by appointment
    (206) 607-9141
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